Jo Di Bona Community Art Mural - CDNIS: This is Who We Are

All funds raised will support future CDNIS Arts initiatives to inspire, build community and make a positive difference to communities in need.

Welcome to the online auction for Jo Di Bona’s unique artwork, “CDNIS: This Is Who We Are”.
Created for the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, this unique, one of a kind artwork captures values and identity of an international community. 

As the Art ambassador for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, there is no doubt that the value of this internationally recognised artist is set to soar.


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Auction terms and conditions

For the original canvas and the 85cm x 102cm print: The person with the winning bid will be notified via email with instructions on how to process payment within 48 hours.

The artwork goes to the second highest bidder when the highest bidder fails to make payment within 48 hours after the email is sent by CDNIS.

For the 12 limited edition prints: The top 12 bids will be successful and the numbers available will be offered in the order of highest bid to lowest bid (which must meet the reserve of HK$10,000).  All winning bids must be settled within 24 hrs.

All winning bids will be issued a receipt to acknowledge payment.

Winning bidders are responsible for the collection / the transfer / shipment of their artwork.

No refunds: all sales are final and no returns or exchanges are permitted.

Items in this auction are being sold by Canadian International School of Hong Kong.
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Items in this auction may be subject to an undisclosed reserve price. Item prices which do not meet the reserve are marked . Should the leading bid at expiry not meet the reserve price, the item will not be sold.
Bids for items in this auction are in Hong Kong Dollars.

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