Adidas - Soccer Ball & Shin Guards (Set #2)

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TEAM TOP TRAINING BALL - Created for training sessions and games, this soccer ball has a seamless surface for a better touch and lower water uptake. Its textured surface further enhances flight, touch and surface glide performance. A butyl bladder keeps it inflated and ready for action. Size 4.

TIRO CLUB SHIN GUARDS - These adidas Tiro Club Shin Guards provide a lightweight, low-profile defense to keep you in full flow. Their hard shields are specially shaped to offer a natural fit, and are perforated to ensure you stay cool. EVA backing helps absorb impacts while keeping you comfortable. Size Medium.

This auction item is for one ball and one set of shin guards. Both items are new.

Value: $50.00
Bidding ended: 9:00pm, 23 October 20209:00pm, Friday 23 October 2020America/New York


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