Red and Blue Watching

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Reflections of nearby structures on the Dubai Marina puddle onto the surface creating loose and viscous textures. Un-edited there is a natural play of colour theory which binds turquoise, Payne’s grey, scarlet red and sand. Distortion, play of shapes and tones are suggestive of cubism, whilst personification of the foreground structures suggest surrealism.

110 x 130cm
Edition offered: 1. Limited edition of 10
Signed and numbered original fine art print on museum quality archival paper - Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm

Created:12 November, 2018.
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

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Value: 1250
Bidding ended: 12:00am, 30 September 202112:00am, Thursday 30 September 2021Asia/Bahrain


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