Naturopathic Emotional Release Online Training with Karlie McKeand (value $1,500)

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Naturopathic Emotional Release is a tool for Natural Therapists and coaches to identity and process underlying emotions and stress in the body.

It's a tool to address self-sabotaging behaviours and create lasting behavioural change with ease to help your clients achieve their goals faster.

NER is used by Natural Therapists and coaches who want to help their clients address emotional health issues with ease and confidence.

NER will help you get extraordinary results by:
Diving deeper in your sessions to offer support beyond your current treatments.
Helping clients identify and clear emotional blocks or underlying stress using a proven technique that is created especially for praccies and coaches.
Interpreting the physical manifestation of emotional issues so you can get to the heart of the issue and trauma that is held inside the body and blocking regular treatment.
Learn hands-on skills you can confidently use in clinic for huge transformation and value.

Value: $1,500
Bidding ended: 11:59pm, 31 March 202211:59pm, Thursday 31 March 2022Australia/Sydney
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Fiona Leonard 11:58pm 31 Mar 2022 $550
W T 1 11:53pm 31 Mar 2022 $470
Fiona Leonard 11:50pm 31 Mar 2022 $450
charmainesofia 2:22pm 31 Mar 2022 $420
Fiona Leonard 10:23am 31 Mar 2022 $400
Amanda Martindale 11:39pm 30 Mar 2022 $360
charmainesofia 7:36pm 29 Mar 2022 $350
Amanda Martindale 7:12pm 29 Mar 2022 $300
charmainesofia 10:34pm 28 Mar 2022 $270
Lisa De 8:15pm 28 Mar 2022 $250
Fiona Leonard 5:56pm 28 Mar 2022 $200
charmainesofia 3:37pm 28 Mar 2022 $180
Amanda Martindale 3:48pm 27 Mar 2022 $160
gillnicholls.nutrition 2:00pm 27 Mar 2022 $150
Amanda Martindale 12:39pm 25 Mar 2022 $120
Lisa Moane 8:35pm 24 Mar 2022 $100