ART Testing & 90 Minute Coaching Session with Alison Vickery (value $1400 AUD)

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Alison is a leading functional health practitioner with extensive experience in complex health issues. She has an extensive waitlist. 

What is Included:  

  • Autonomic Response Testing - ART testing is a diagnostic tool developed by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt.
  • Unlike other tests, it effectively does a full body scan to come up with a complete picture of what is happening for you.
  • It can be done remotely using a hair sample. You do not need to be in Australia to be ART tested.

An ART Test covers: Organ scan: to see which of your organs are in need of support or detoxification. 

Organs/areas tested: brain, sinuses, teeth, tonsils/throat, thyroid gland, lungs, thymus, heart, spleen, pancreas, stomach, liver/gallbladder, small and large intestines, bladder, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Microbiology: you will be tested for resonances of the following infections - Borrelia burgdoferi, Bartonella, Babesia, Fungi (like candida and other moulds), bacteria, parasites and viruses and when found, you will be tested for the specific anti-microbial agent that will be most effective against the pathogen found. Knowing that some people are sensitive to strong anti-microbial agents, you will also be tested for intolerance/sensitivity to these anti-microbials to ensure a safe treatment protocol. 

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Intolerance: some people are both allergic to and toxic with particular metals. You will be tested for both allergy to, and toxicity with 22 different toxic heavy metals. If found, you will also be tested for the safest, most effective and specific-to-you treatment protocol.

Food Intolerances: Unlike any other form of food intolerance test, this test shows IgG, IgE type reactions plus any that cause specific disturbances of the gut or your blood sugar levels. 

Individualised Treatment Program based on the findings: depending on what organs need support to bring them back to balanced health, what infections or toxicities are found, what foods and stressors are an issue or what hormones or nutrients are out of balance, a comprehensive and entirely individualised treatment protocol is devised which has been tested for you to produce the most effective and specific results.

The goal is to tackle deep causal issues that have been accumulating over a life time. Treatment can take a few months for some people and a few years for others, entirely dependent on your lifetime's exposure to toxins, your lifestyle, food choices, health practices, environment and your innate ability to detoxify and heal.

To see an example of the type of results you can get from ART testing visit

In this session Alison will review a comprehensive health history form, your ART results, and present detailed lifestyle recommendations for making progress with your health. At the conclusion of this session you will not automatically be a client of Alison’s. If you are a good fit and wish to work with Alison you will go to the top of the list in the July 2022 intake. To find out more about Alison please visit

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