2 x 60 Minute Tarot and Oracle Reading sessions with Carmel-Anne of Soulfully Guided (value $200)

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Hi there, like most of us I had a really difficult life. But with these experiences, it created a version of me that no money or education could ever buy or create. I have lived the best of the best and the worst of the worst and survived every fall.

Through these experiences, I was able to practice what I now preach in my tarot readings and coaching sessions. I offer really practical, heartfelt and helpful advice to people not only through using my life experience but also through intuition and connecting emotionally and energetically with people.

I realised through my own pain, that I would not be dictated by my past or my problems but I would rise above them and through Tarot and a real lot of raw emotions and conquests after many falls, I realised whilst I didn't want anyone to hurt as I have, that unfortunately I can't take away someone's pain, memories or experiences but I can share my wisdom and apply my intuition to help people live their best lives too and to be as happy as the person I have now become.


Carmel-Anne of Soulfully Guided provides a spiritual analysis and exploration of oneself through Intuition and Tarot and Oracle Card readings to help you gain insight, inspiration and guidance. Carmel-Anne’s goal is to assist you to realistically achieve your dreams and live your best life and to help build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be. One hour Tarot Readings are recommended for 2 topics and 2-3 separate card spreads. This is a feel-good Tarot Read that will leave you uplifted and empowered with the options and suggestions that have been tailored specifically for you.

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