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Jimmy Stamp & Jessica Vitali

Set Free evokes classical sculptures hewn from monolithic blocks of stone. For many people today, the Eames Molded Plastic Chair is truly a modern classic, as powerful and recognizable an object as Michelangelo's David – and, like that famous work, often reproduced and imitated. Inspired by a quote often attributed to Michelangelo, "I saw the angel in the marble and set it free," Set Free inverts the chair's original casting process to "recast" the mass-produced object as a singular work of art revealed by carving away superfluous stone. 

First bid sits at $120, based on the previous listing. 

Catalog number 05ex - Modern Classic Chair

Value: $495.00 + $200 (materials) + 12 Hours
Bidding ended: 5:00pm, 17 October 20215:00pm, Sunday 17 October 2021America/New York


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