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Lisa Patusky, Alex Bonner

The theme materiality for us means looking at the construction techniques and the way the material interacts with the different senses. Inspired by the atmospheric woolen landscapes by Dutch textile designer Claudy Jongstra, our approach focuses on the sense of touch and the comfort that wool fibers create. The concept layers hand felted wool and wool roving over the chair seat in abstracted patterns derived from algae and nature. The wool complements the softness of the curve of the chair while appealing to our desire for coziness and warmth coming out of this jarring past year. The felted wool is imagined to be a soothing monochrome which is reminiscent of our furry companions that many of us adopted during lockdown; hence the name “Comfort Creature.” We asked ourselves, why couldn’t a chair provide us with the same feeling?

First bid sits at $130, based on the previous listing. 

Catalog number 02ex - Modern Classic Chair

Value: $495.00 +
Bidding ended: 5:00pm, 17 October 20215:00pm, Sunday 17 October 2021America/New York


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mcarsonjoyce 4:59pm 17 Oct 2021 $175
Anonymous1 4:59pm 17 Oct 2021 $170
mcarsonjoyce 4:58pm 17 Oct 2021 $165
Anonymous1 3:42pm 17 Oct 2021 $160
Rosalind Sutkowski 3:14pm 17 Oct 2021 $155
Anonymous1 12:28am 15 Oct 2021 $150
Rosalind Sutkowski 6:39pm 14 Oct 2021 $140