#055 Franziska Kaufhold (b. 1995), Circularities II.

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Circularities II (2020)

Matte fine art paper    

60 x 80 cm / 13.6 x 31.4 in



Thoughts on the island

In this investigation I am thoughtfully analysing the stay on an island and the memories of emotional states it carries with it. When investigating the term „island“, the question arises whether an island is only geographically delimited by water or whether all boundaries can also be drawn in thought and one can thus seek land at an island of thought. For this project my aim was to create a semi-fictitious island-space (yearning-space), which can be arranged from a variety of perceptions and fragmentary photography. By approaching this quite personal feeling and the ever-recurring question of what an island actually is, I use photography, text, video and audio recordings to mount an installation in the form of a spatial collage, including a photobook, which suggests a geographical island space. The island as space, the round interior.


About the artist

Franziska Kaufhold is a photographer and visual artist born 1995 in Würzburg. After spending her childhood and youth on the balearic island of Ibiza (Spain) she moved to Dortmund (Germany) to pursure her BA Degree in photography at the University of applied arts and sciences, graduating in 2020. Whilst only just starting her master studies in Dortmund, Franziska Kaufhold is a member of the nonprofit association "Atelier Amore e.V." in Dortmund which is an open studio space and an organisation with focus on all arts and culture events. She has also recenty had her work published in the annual print issue of "Further 02" by the Fotobus Society and will be taking part in the F2 photo festival in Dortmund. Along side her focus on photography, the artist is currently working on multimedial exhibiton projects, installations and sculptural experiments with metal. Her current subject area is the island and the idea of abstracting its associated interior and exterior.

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