"For Sake" Original Oil Painting by David Mensing

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'For Sake'– Original Oil Painting on Canvas by David Mensing
Spring Choice Auction 2023

From the artist: "Of all the paintings that I have created in the past three months, 'For Sake' is my favorite.

“Wonderful moments like this are common during peak autumn color in central Idaho's Pioneer Mountains. Western Aspen are majestic in design and stature, but it is the low, warm light that makes this scene compelling. As the sun fades and the day draws to a close, there is a wondrous variety of shape and color. In the experience of waning sunlight across the western landscape, one can find assurance of divine grace.

The painting is 30” high and 40” wide. There is a consistent sense of light throughout the piece. Dynamic colors, shapes, and texture contribute to an overall character of harmony. Thick application of paint brings excitement and makes viewing the piece a tactile experience. I am confident that anyone who appreciates fine art would be proud to have 'For Sake' as part of their collection.

I enjoy interacting directly with collectors and art enthusiasts and making my best work as widely available as possible. Thus I have decided to offer this painting for sale directly to you in an online auction format. This is your chance to bid on one of my favorite original paintings. Thank you for your interest – I am honored."

Dimensions: 30" H x 40" W

Framed Dimensions: 35-1/2” H x 45-1/2” W

Gallery Retail Price: $ 5,000

Opening Bid: $ 1,500

Buyer will be responsible for shipping cost: $ 100 - $ 200 in the USA

Auction begins on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 7 pm PT

Auction ends five days later – Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 7pm PT

For more information, visit: www.davidmensingfineart.com/auction.html

"Fabulous painting! We love it more and more each time we look at it."
Winning Bidders - Summer Choice Auction, June 2020

Value: $ 5,000
Bidding ended: 7:00pm, 23 April 20237:00pm, Sunday 23 April 2023America/Los Angeles


Bidder Time Bid
Sven 2:15pm 22 Apr 2023 $2,100
marilynyael3 2:15pm 22 Apr 2023 $2,000
marilynyael3 9:30am 19 Apr 2023 $1,700
Ciara McCartney 9:30am 19 Apr 2023 $1,600
marilynyael3 6:41am 19 Apr 2023 $1,500