CCDCC Auction

Hello, welcome to our auction site benefiting CCDCC.  Scroll down to see the items available for auction.  Auction opens on:

January 29th at Noon

See below for how to use the site.

Placing a Bid, Payment, Pickup / Shipping Information

Placing a Bid:

Once you have selected an item to bid on, you must press the "Sign In" link in order to sign in or create an account:



After you click sign in, you can create an account with Google, Facebook, or an email/password.


After you have signed in, you can place a bid by placing a dollar amount in the "Bid" field. and press the "Place Bid" button:

Payment Information:

Once you win an item, you will recieve an email that will direct you to our auction payment page.  Here you will see a PayPal "Donate" button that will be configured to collect the exact amount for the item that was won.  Once payment is collected, an administrator will reach out to you in order to arrange pickup/shipment.

Pickup / Shipping Information:

Once you win an item, an administrator will contact you with regard to pickup or shipping arrangements.  Shipping will be calculated based on the item, and the destination.  Shipment costs must be paid in a separate PayPal transaction.  Once shipping payment is received, the item will be shipped.

Items in this auction are being sold by CCDCC.
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