#005 Daniel Jackson (b. 1972), Chippy.

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Chippy (2010)
Acrylic on canvas
80 x 90 cm / 31.4 x 35.4 in

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Daniel Jackson questions the future of humanity, a topic also scrutinized in the philosophical study of history. Philosophies of the 20th century emanate from two theories about the evolution of humanity: the cyclical theory of history, which develops infinitely in a circle, and the linear theory, which acts on the assumption of a beginning and an end.
Based on these theories of philosophy of history, Daniel Jackson compares the linear development of world history with the act of playing a vinyl record.The sound rill of a record runs in a linear form towards an inevitable end, which leads into a monotonous swoosh, a melodical zero. Most of the works, contain titles or text fragments of songs by different bands with anarchistic orientation.
The text lines or songtitles quoted by Jackson deal on. a sociocritical level with the death of civilisation, the inevitable destruction of the world.

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