Caldera by Ron Curran

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Title: Caldera
Size: 70cm x 100cm
Materials: Mixed medium and collage (unframed)
Reserve: $1,000
Retail price: $2,000
It's not a landscape nor a self portrait.  It's the place where both those things meet.

Ron Curran has been running Dynamic Drawing classes for over 20 years in Byron Shire, with the classes becoming an established part of Byron Shire’s cultural landscape. Ron also spent two years in Melbourne between 2008 and 2010, working out of the Brunswick Street Gallery, which established Dynamic Drawing as the most successful and popularly attended class in the city, as well as doing extensive workshops for corporates, school and many other groups throughout Victoria.

Ron is a practising artist, with an Honours Degree in Visual Arts from Southern Cross University, Lismore.

‘The work I do is not so much site specific or subjective in that sense.  It’s a whole collection of stuff, both outside and inside of myself.  Everything.  The picture plane becomes a collision point of that experience or describes the impact of those events as best I can at the time.  The work is a kind of free-fall that gives me the space to open up.  I walk into walls of language, push them over, pick up the pieces, build another wall of language and then push that over too.  So, it’s more about fracture than it is about necessarily concluding anything.  The hardest part is to find the courage to get out of my own way and allow the information through uncensored.  Painting is kind of like dreaming.  It alters your whole perception of events.  When I look at something, I don’t really get the full impact of what’s happened until after I’ve looked and absorbed that experience in a kind of total way.  The strongest flash I get of things is when I appreciate and realise the very contradictory nature of events.  I can’t control that…. that’s when the paintings begin to sing.’ 
- Ron Curran

Value: $2,000
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