#180 "Labor of Love", donated by Brenda Vazquez

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A labor of love by Brenda with 12 half-pint jars of homemade jellies and jams for your enjoyment, paired with Town House crackers, a Place & Time Pumpkin Spice 3-wick candle on a white wooden Thankful tray adorned with sunflowers (apple, cherry, grape, mixed fruit, plum, raspberry/blackberry, red raspberry, and strawberry jellies; orange marmalade; and apricot, peach and pear jams)

Value: Priceless
Bidding ended: 8:00pm, 26 October 20218:00pm, Tuesday 26 October 2021America/Chicago


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Bidder 1dd29 9:18am 25 Oct 2021 $120
Bidder 8a540 9:02am 25 Oct 2021 $110
Bidder 1dd29 3:48pm 22 Oct 2021 $100
Bidder 8a540 11:44am 21 Oct 2021 $90
Bidder 6c37c 8:29am 21 Oct 2021 $70